JWoww & Roger Mathews Reunite For Family ‘Moana’ Halloween Costume After Divorce Filing

Families that dress up for Halloween together, stay together, right? Despite their recent divorce drama, JWoww, Roger and their kids went all out with their costumes this year. Take a look!

JWoww, 32, and Roger Mathews, 43, aren’t letting divorce stop them from doing Halloween the right way with their family! The Jersey Shore stars wore coordinating costumes as characters from the hit Disney movie Moana. Roger looked just like Chief Tui with a curly wig and colorful bottoms, while JWoww and her daughter Meilani4, dressed like Moana herself. The mother/daughter pair had flowers in their hair and wore slightly different orange and cream outfits. They had all kinds of props between them from stuffed animal chickens to curved swords. Even Greyson, 2, joined in on the fun. He wore a green grass skirt and fake tattoos to look like Maui. It is his favorite movie, after all!

It’s great to see JWoww and her family having fun together in the middle of this tough time. The reality star filed for divorce from her husband of three years on Sept. 27, and he has been very vocal about his goals to win her back ever since. Not only did Roger take her out for a romantic dinner and a carriage ride to celebrate their anniversary, but he admitted on Instagram, “I’m not done fighting. I’m going to win my wife back; I’m going to win her affection back; I’m going to win her love back. I have no intention of being a single dad. We’re in counseling, so there is still hope. It ain’t over until the fat lady sings.” So these matching costumes have to be a good sign, right?

This isn’t the first time that this fam has matched on Halloween. They are all about the themes! In previous years, they’ve dressed up as the Incredibles, Minions and the Cat in the Hat. They even wore monkey and banana costumes once. This Moana collab, though, just might take the cake.

Whatever happens with Roger and JWoww’s relationship from here on out, we wonder if this is a tradition they’ll keep up with their kids? We sure hope so! They knock Halloween out of the park every year.

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