TALK OF THE TOWN: A lonely big knight for birthday boy Green

TALK OF THE TOWN: A lonely knight for birthday boy Green: Sir Phil has no parties or pals around for his big day

For Sir Philip Green, birthdays have always been an ostentatious cocktail of A-list guests, superstar performers and fancy dress.

But I can reveal the party now seems to be very much over for the high street tycoon.

Yesterday, rather than swigging champagne with stars such as Kate Moss, Stevie Wonder and Sir Rod Stewart, Green toasted turning 67 with a solitary coffee on the promenade in Monaco, and whinged to me: ‘I just want a bit of peace.’

Sir Philip Green’s birthday parties were renowned for the number of A-list celebrities who would turn up for the ostentatious celebrations 

Philip Green, pictured, spent most of yesterday in Monaco drinking coffee with a friend 

Amid reports that he is to restructure his fashion empire Arcadia, Green spent yesterday mostly alone in the sunshine, sometimes chatting to people who walked past. He was also briefly joined by a British friend and they chatted over a flat white.

He even claimed he didn’t receive a single birthday present – a stark contrast to his 50th when he was lavished with a solid gold Monopoly set with real money from wife Tina, as well as a Harley-Davidson and a Ferrari.

His group of friends – which is growing smaller by the day – had heard whispers that Green would be throwing a party in America, where he has a £1.3 million apartment.

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It never happened – and it might have been a brave move anyway, given that US police are investigating him after Pilates teacher Katie Surridge, 37, claimed he fondled her bottom and made sexual comments despite being warned to stop.

‘I don’t want a party and I didn’t get any presents,’ Green told me. ‘I didn’t have a party so that’s why I didn’t get any presents. I just want to be left alone for three months.’

His solo celebrations come after he was accused of gagging former employees. Five complainants each signed non-disclosure agreements in return for pay-offs.

Green paid a female executive more than £1 million after she accused him of groping her and he is also alleged to have racially abused a senior black employee, telling him that his ‘problem’ was that he was still ‘throwing spears in the jungle’.

And if anyone needed more evidence that Sir Philip is running out of friends, he even asked me plaintively : ‘Would you like to throw me a party?’


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