Top five films: best of the big screen

STAGE FRIGHT (110 minutes) G

One of the few Alfred Hitchcock films set against a showbiz backdrop – specifically, the London theatre – this 1950 thriller is minor only by the standards of genius. Jane Wyman plays an ingenue who agrees to help out a man on the run (Richard Todd), the start of a sentimental education aided by the ultra-knowing Marlene Dietrich. Screens as part of a Hitchcock retrospective. Digitally projected. Lido, Classic and Cameo, Sunday, October 28, 4pm.

Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween

Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween

HALLOWEEN (91 minutes)

John Carpenter's 1978 slasher classic has inspired a million imitations as well as sequels, but few that demonstrate so clearly that a disreputable genre movie can also be a pure, rigorous work of art. Jamie Lee Curtis makes her auspicious screen debut as the teenage heroine pitted against a masked psycho (Tim Castle) stalking her suburban street. Screens as part of a Halloween marathon. 35-millimetre print. Astor, Sunday, October 28, 7pm.

A still from the film Pig.

A still from the film Pig.

PIG (108 minutes) Unrated 15+

Wild satire isn't what we've been taught to expect from Iranian cinema, but Mani Haghighi (A Dragon Arrives!) kicks off the restraints in this tale of a celebrated but blacklisted director (Hasan Majuni) whose response to a serial killer picking off the country's best filmmakers is disbelief that he hasn't been targeted yet. Screens as part of the Iranian Film Festival. ACMI, Sunday, October 28, 6.30pm.

57 LAWSON (71 minutes) Unrated

Shot around a block of housing-commission flats scheduled for demolition, this experimental semi-documentary from Sydney director Ben Ferris is an assured exercise in minimalism, making especially cunning use of light and darkness. The human presence initially seems peripheral – but Ferris' social agenda emerges clearly in the mordant final scenes. ACMI, Saturday, October 27, 11am.

A still from the documentary 57 Lawson

A still from the documentary 57 Lawson

PADDINGTON (95 minutes) G

The famously accident-prone bear from Darkest Peru gets a digital makeover in this 2014 version of his origin story, directed by Paul King (The Mighty Boosh).The debt to Wes Anderson may be a little too open, but its heart is in the right place, and villains Nicole Kidman and Peter Capaldi make a terrific comedy team. Screens as part of the British Film Festival. Palace Balwyn, Saturday, October 27, and Sunday, October 28, 10.30am.

Marlene Dietrich in Hitchock's Stage Fright.

Marlene Dietrich in Hitchock’s Stage Fright.

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