Kelly Clarkson Denies Carrie Underwood Feud, Says She Is Feuding With Someone Else Now

Star magazine’s latest cover story touts an epic feud between the “American Idol” alums so serious that Reba McEntire was forced to step in.

Kelly Clarkson isn’t buying what Star magazine is selling at all when it comes to its cover story that she’s in a "secret feud" with fellow "American Idol" alum Carrie Underwood.

That said, thanks to the magazine’s coverage, she is in a different feud now.

"I officially have a feud with whoever used this pic!" Clarkson tweeted alongside an image of the magazine’s cover. "At least give me a good pic if y’all are gonna be lying is all I’m sayin’."

She especially took issue with the fact that Underwood appears to look flawless, as usual, in the picture chosen for her while Clarkson looks like she has "zero muscles being used" in her face.

Honestly, she’s being way too hard on herself as both women look fabulous; Clarkson just looks a little more peeved about the whole thing. And she is, even if this response clearly had some humor to it as well.

Quite frankly, she could probably have cause to feud with whoever wrote the story as well, if it’s as false as she claims. Not that anyone really believes most of what they read in the supermarket tabloids. There’s a reason they’ve built up a certain reputation over the past several decades.

One response Clarkson got back was good enough that Clarkson shared it back on her timeline so she could respond to it. This user said Underwood got the good pic "because there is no bad pic of Carrie."

Still, another fan had the best solution to resolve this made-up feud once and for all and we are here for it.

If they really want to make it a spectacle, debut the song on the season finale of "American Idol" and perform it by busting through a blown up shot of this magazine cover after being introduced by Reba McEntire — the magazine said the country superstar was "forced to step in."

And definitely work the line "Carrie doesn’t know who she’s messing with" into the lyrics.

They could even invite Drew Barrymore and all the guys who want to date her from another one of the cover blurbs to star in the music video with her, though we’d stay away from the Jordyn-Khloe-Tristan situation entirely.

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