Emmerdale spoilers: Ellis Chapman in DANGER after betraying Billy Fletcher in robbery plot

Ellis Chapman (played by Asan N’Jie) wants nothing more than to protect his half-brother, Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle), but his actions put him at risk in Emmerdale.

The drama unfolds next week in the ITV soap when Ellis grows suspicious of Billy’s secret meeting with gangster Max after he gives him a subpar explanation for their dubious meetup.

Then when Max threatens Billy after he has second thoughts about using his work van for a robbery, Ellis hatches a plan to save him.

Having discovered what they are plotting to do, the university drop-out sabotages the robbery, leaving Billy fearing what Max will do in retaliation.

Eventually, Max rocks up at Tall Trees threatening Billy’s entire family, before the pair get into a vicious brawl.

Later when Max almost runs Jessie Grant (Sandra Marvin) over in his car, she demands to know why Billy is hanging out with the thug again.

The mother-of-two fears for her son’s safety following the incident and worries what Max might do next to either him or a member of the family.

A day after, Max follows Ellis, who is with other villagers on a night out and sends Billy a threatening photo of his brother at the club.

Frantically panicking, Billy heads into town to help but will he get there before Max does any harm to Ellis?

Also, how far will Billy go to protect his younger brother from the wicked villain?

Emmerdale’s ‘Big Night Out’ episodes will also feature David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden), Tracy Shankley (Amy Walsh) and Maya Stepney (Louisa Clein) to name but a few.

ITV will air two parts, two week apart this spring and have teased the show, calling it a “break with tradition”.

The first week (April 20 – 26) will see the character travel to Hotten for the “Big Night Out” to let their hair down.

There will be lots of “huge revelations and unexplained outcomes” on the night, although “no one will be quite sure of what exactly has happened”.

A sudden evacuation from the club will leave party-goers confused and once outside the storylines start to take shape.

Maya will finally be exposed when she and Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) are spotted by one of the girls, meanwhile Rhona meets a handsome stranger.

In week two (May 4 – 10), two weeks later, Emmerdale will release a series of flashback episodes, which intend to explain the events from before.

Producer Kate Brooks previously teased the episode back in February saying: “We’ve got some really brilliant stuff coming up in April, May time.”

She told The Irish Sun: “A big night out, which we will tell in a very interesting, fresh way. That’s really good.”

Emmerdale continued tonight on ITV at 7.30pm and 8.30pm.

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