Fear the Walking Dead season 5 spoilers: ‘Too soon’ Major character addresses shock exit

Madison was brutally killed during the Vultures zombie attack in season four after sacrificing herself to save her friends.

She led the walkers into the stadium and locked herself in so everyone could escape leading to her demise.

Looking back on her death ahead of season five starting once more, actress Kim said she felt Madison was killed off “too soon”.

However, she also hinted Madison may not be really dead and she could be make an unexpected return.

Kim teased: “As far as I know, she’s dead! It was the part I’m most proud of.

“Helping build that show from the beginning, across three different countries – that character was something I felt I had grown my whole career to get to play.”

She continued to MovieWeb: “I’m so proud of it, and it ended too soon for what I wanted, but there were a lot of changes over there creatively.

“I can’t imagine they would want to revisit Madison, but she was a great character. I’m so proud of it.”

It comes as Morgan Jones star Lennie James hinted Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) could appear in The Walking Dead spin-off series.

Speaking at WonderCon, he said: “I’d quite like to see Rick and John Dorie have a kind of gunslinger, a High Noon moment.”

Many of The Walking Dead cast who have left the series have appeared in Fear the Walking Dead so it wouldn’t be too surprising if Rick turned up.

The former leader of the survivors was rescued from a walker attack in season nine and his whereabouts are currently unknown.

If Rick were to appear in the spin-off series it would certainly thrill fans, however, there have been rumours he could appear in The Walking Dead season 10.

Show runner Angela Kang told Deadline: “Obviously, the idea is that Rick and Maggie and all these people are alive in our universe.

“That’s part of the thing for our characters who don’t have full closure on Rick.

“That is something that remains an open question and may play into the story going forward in certain ways.”

In The Walking Dead season nine finale, a voice was heard on a radio asking if anyone could hear them.

The moment have prompted speculation that not only Rick but also Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) could return.

Unfortunately fans have some time to wait to find out if the pair will make another appearance as the series won’t return until the Autumn.

Fear the Walking Dead returns to AMC on June 2 and AMC UK the following day.

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