Planet Child: ‘Stressing me out’ Viewers in turmoil as children left ‘alone’ in London

Doctors and identical twins Chris and Xand Van Tulleken led the ITV programme which looked into children growing up in Britain as well as comparing them with youngsters in other parts of the world.

The study focused on children’s independence and their abilities to go it alone.

For the research three sets of kids including cousins Rita and Kieran, siblings Leo, Abi, and Harleigh and twins Darcee and Judah, who are not from London, were tasked with getting to the London Eye by bus.

First they had to make it through a park before finding the bus stop that would take them to the London Eye.

While it was made clear by the programme that the children were being watched at all times and that chaperones were undercover on the bus to help in case of an emergency, some viewers were still concerned.

One tweeted: “Don’t know about those children being overwhelmed im sat here on edge of my seat! #PlanetChild.”

“#planetchild is freaking me out,” a second wrote.

A third exclaimed: “What interesting viewing!!! My nerves are shot!! #PlanetChild.”

“OMG! Those tiny children and those great big lorries and buses! The parents must be really anxious. #PlanetChild,” a fourth shared.

A fifth opined: “Seriously stressing out watching these 6 year old kids crossing London! #PlanetChild.”

While a sixth commented: “I have major anxiety watching these kids go off on a bus on their own!! I daren’t even take my two to London WITH me!! #PlanetChild.”

All three sets of children made their way to the London Eye and managed to find Xand who was waiting for them there, as well as their parents who were out of sight.

Many of those watching at home were quick to praise the programme, as well as the children for completing their task.

“That’s was brilliant. Proud of them all. #PlanetChild,” one declared.

Another complimented: “What a lovely programme #PlanetChild was. Showing how amazing children are.”

“#PlanetChild that was soooo interesting,’ a third enthused.

A fourth penned: “@ITV loved that first show of #PlanetChild so interesting and eye opening! Looking forward to next weeks episode! Well done to all inovolved in its conception!!”

“Ah #PlanetChild on @ITV was emosh! Those kids were all so adorable. What a lovely show,” a fifth shared.

The episode was the first one in a series of three, with the programme continuing next week.

Planet Child continues Wednesday at 9pm on ITV.

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