'Siesta Key' Star Alex Kompo Says Broken Jaw From Bar Fight Is 'Huge Learning Experience' (Exclusive Video)

MTV reality star reflects on serious injury before he starts law school in this TooFab exclusive sneak peek.

"Siesta Key" star Alex Kompo is re-evaluating his priorities after he had to get his jaw wired shut from a bar fight back in September.

In TooFab’s exclusive clip of Monday night’s episode, the reality star tells castmate Madisson the experience opened his eyes to the bigger picture since he starts law school in just a couple of days, but will have to wear wires for up to six weeks.

"You know, as I get older I need to learn like, ‘Alright, do I have to go to every happy hour?’ You know, I really gotta think like what’s important right now and for me, it’s school and one screw up like a bar fight can just end it all overnight," he said. "It’s definitely been a huge learning experience for me."

The sucker punch — which occurred at an Irish bar in Tampa, Florida — ended up breaking his jaw in two different spots.

"This one kid felt the need to come up to me and just start talking crap but like he said something about me being rich and you know, an obviously jealous kid and I swear I didn’t even say anything to the kid and he just started talking crap for no reason at all and I was like I gotta get out of here and right before I got to the parking lot he came out of nowhere and punched me right in front of the ear."

"Siesta Key" airs on Monday at 10 PM ET.

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