Where has Ben Mitchell been in EastEnders as he returns to Albert Square?

Upon reaching France he discovered the cash had been replaced by newspapers – but found an envelope full of money in his pocket.

Ben was later said to be living in Portgual – but it became apparent he was back in the UK when Jay called him during a recent episode for relationship advice, and unexpectedly heard a UK dialling tone.

Who is Ben Mitchell now played by?

The character is now being played by actor Max Bowden, with the role being recast once again.

Max – who previously starred as Justin Fitzgerald in Waterloo Road – is the sixth actor to play the role.

The character, who is the son of Phil (Steve McFadden) and Kathy Mitchell (Gillian Taylforth) has been in the show since he was a baby.

He was originally played by Matthew Silver as an infant and then Morgan Whittle as a toddler.

The character returned in 2006 played by Charlie Jones, before Joshua Pascoe took over from 2010-2012.

Harry Reid picked up the role when the character made yet another comeback in 2014, leaving again in early 2018.

EastEnders airs weeknights on Mondays and Fridays on BBC One at 8pm and on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm.

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