Who is Clive in Emmerdale, who plays him and is he engaged to Leyla Harding?

She happily told her ex David Metcalfe that she and Clive were engaged, flashing a huge rock.  So who is this Clive person? Let’s find out…

Who is Clive in Emmerdale?

Clive is Leyla Harding’s fiancé in Emmerdale. He was first mentioned in the soap when she returned from Greece.

Having broken up David’s marriage to Tracy, Leyla’s return caused shockwaves through the village but she assured David and new girlfriend, Maya, that she was happily engaged to Clive, who she’d met in Greece.

But he’s set to cause trouble when he – and his ex-fiancee Suzie – arrive in the village.

In fact, Clive’s arrival will come after Leyla and Suzie have a bit of a nasty run-in when Suzie is found ransacking the house.

She then accuses Leyla of stealing her fiancé and a load of jewellery. Leyla relents and then decides to move on from Clive, but then he turns up in the village begging for another chance.

Clive’s arrival is set to raise some eyebrows in the village.

Who plays Clive in Emmerdale?

Clive is played by British actor Tom Chambers.

Tom is best known for playing Sam Strachan in both Casualty and Holby City.

He also twirled his way to winning the Glitterball Trophy after taking first place in 2008’s Strictly Come Dancing with pro partner Camilla Dallerup.

Tom also appeared in Waterloo Road.

His role in Emmerdale was announced in October 2018.

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