In Covid’s Early Days, Her Loss Resonated. She Hopes Her Hope Does, Too.

Amanda Kloots grieved in public when her husband Nick Cordero died. Now she is sharing the rest of her story in “Live Your Life.”

Amanda Kloots’s new book, “Live Your Life,” is among the first Covid-era memoirs.Credit…Michelle Groskopf for The New York Times

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By Katherine Rosman

LOS ANGELES — Amanda Kloots is not surprised that she’s famous.

You don’t move to New York from Ohio at 18, go to countless thanks-but-no-thanks auditions, dust yourself off again and again, or practice tap dance nightly on your small apartment bathroom floor in case a spot in the ensemble for “42nd Street” or the Rockettes opens because you think you are best suited to a life of quiet anonymity.

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