The 10 best-selling crime, thriller, and mystery books that you won’t be able to put down

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Books with a ‘whodunit’ plot can have you telling yourself “just one more chapter” late into the night and can have you so absorbed you lose all track of time, with chores, cooking, and work (sorry boss) falling to the wayside.

These kinds of books are rare gems, however, and it’s easel to fall prey to a substandard plot that leaves you feeling like you just lost a few hours of your life. There’s little more frustrating than when you’re expecting an exhilarating read and it just falls out, or the ending twist is full of holes that don’t make sense. For 10 of the best-selling, most gripping mystery, crime, and thriller books on Amazon keep scrolling.

The Husband’s Secret, Liane Moriarty

If you loved Big Little Lies as much as the rest of us, you will adore this (just as gripping) book by the same author.

Based around a seemingly perfect family with a dark secret, this book will have you hooked until the very last page.

4.4 stars from 27,837 ratings

Kindle: £0.99

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The Crossing, Matt Brolly

All the best murder mysteries are set in a small town full of secrets, and this book follows the story of Detective Inspector Loise Blackwell who is investigating a series of chilling murders in the town she grew up in.

A tale of deception, murder, and secrets, you never know whom you can trust in this thrilling novel, and the twists will leave your head spinning and your heart racing.

4.3 stars from 5,759 ratings

Kindle: £1

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A Deadly Influence, Mike Omer

If you prefer your thrillers to be told from the eyes of the police, this is a strong contender for your next favourite read.

An NYPD detective with a complicated history gets a call from an old friend begging her to help find her recently kidnapped son.

Although Lieutenant Abby Mullen is no stranger to these kinds of cases, this is one that will force her to look into her own troubled past to crack the case.

4.5 stars from 99 ratings

Kindle: £3.49

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The Thursday Murder Club, Richard Osman

A record-breaking Sunday Times bestseller with over 46,000 reviews, this book is a classicly British tale that is just as funny and clever as it is gripping and mysterious.

Taking place in a retirement village, four residents meet weekly to discuss unsolved crimes. When a murder takes place near the village, the club members find themselves in the midst of their first real case. Can this unlikely crew solve the mystery before time runs out?

4.5 stars from 46,137 ratings

Kindle: £9.99

Hardcover: £7.49

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The Other Passenger, Louise Candlish

Louise Candlish has won the crime and thriller book of the year award previously, so this is an author who knows how to weave a good tale.

This thrilling book tells the tale of a man who has been accused of being involved in the disappearance of two of his friends, and while he insists he knows nothing about their whereabouts, the police aren’t so sure.

This book is so full of twists and turns it feels like a rollercoaster, and it will be a real struggle to put it down.

4.2 stars from 3,803 ratings

Kindle: £0.99

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Playing Nice, JP Delaney

Following a set of parents who are dealing with every parent’s worst nightmare – their two-year-old boys were accidentally switched at birth, and they have been raising the wrong son.

An investigation at the hospital reveals everything is not as it seems, and it raises some disturbing questions about what exactly led to the boys being switched.

This is a dark, addictive psychological thriller that will have you wrapped until the very end.

4.4 stars from 3,826 ratings

Kindle: £0.99

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Where the Crawdads Sing, Delia Owens

One of the top books of the past year, with millions of people enraptured by this dark and vivid tale that is not just a murder mystery, but also a deeply moving coming of age tale that will sweep you off your feet.

4.7 stars from 39,051 ratings

Kindle: £4.99

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Secrets on The Fens

If you rate your mysteries by the size of the twist, you’ll adore this gripping and riveting read.

When the bodies of a young couple are found deep in the woods all sign point towards a double suicide, but when another couple is discovered in the same circumstances shortly after, it becomes clear there is a deadly serial killer on the loose.

4.6 stars from 675 ratings

Kindle: £0 with Kindle Unlimited

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The Other Wife, Claire McGowan

Four strangers are brought together by a shocking event in this best-selling thriller that proves that often everything is not as it seems, and sometimes the most innocent looking people have the most to hide.

4.3 stars from 6,292 ratings

Kindle: £0 with Kindle Unlimited

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29 Seconds, T.M. Logan

A masterful mystery read by the Sunday Times bestselling author T.M. Logan, this book follows the story of Sarah, who finds herself in the debt of a very dangerous man after she saves the life of a young woman. Although she expects nothing in return, she is told that she can give the name of one person she wants to disappear, forever. Will she do it? Is there really such a thing as no consequences? This book is deeply thrilling and will leave you wondering what you would do if put in Sarah’s shoes

4.4 stars from 2,205 ratings

Kindle: £0 with Kindle Unlimited

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