Adam Driver Might Have A Secret Two-Year-Old

I had to amend my original headline from Adam Driver Might Be A Secret Daddy, because anyone who gets turned on by moody, hunky weirdos knows that’s no secret. In this case, we’re talking about Adam Driver and a rumor that he’s been a father for two years without anyone having even the slightest hint.

Sources that spoke to Page Six claim that Adam and his wife of over five years, Joanne Tucker, are the parents to a two-year-old son. It’s not known what Adam’s alleged secret son’s name is, or really anything about him. But I guess that’s what makes a secret baby a secret baby.

Sources say that Adam and his wife’s family have posted about their child on their private Instagram accounts. One post allegedly showed Adam’s pregnant sister-in-law posing with his pregnant wife at a joint baby shower. Another was from Adam’s other sister-in-law congratulating his wife on becoming a new mom.

Page Six also points out that Adam might have been hiding in plain sight by dropping possible hints here and there. Last year, Adam filmed a video for W Magazine, and he talks about how he loves his new dog so much (at the 0:39 mark). He jokes that he doesn’t think he could love anything more. He says, “Like, I have a kid” before correcting himself by adding “maybe,” as if it was all hypothetical.

Last year while promoting Logan Lucky with Channing Tatum, Adam was asked by a journalist about making martinis. Adam responded that he doesn’t throw parties, to which Channing joked that Adam would just be making drinks for himself and his baby. Adam continued to play it off like a joke.

Adam hasn’t actually confirmed anything himself, I doubt he’s going to say anything. And even if he did, his always-serious deadpan delivery is still going to make it seem like a joke. He could appear on a late night talk show and come straight out with a story about taking his kid to the zoo, and everyone at home would be like “Okay, but…are we talking about a hypothetical kid and a metaphorical zoo? Does the zoo represent the current political climate? Help me out here, Adam.


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