Akon 'Seriously' Considering Running for 2020 Election, Feels 'Unempowered' in Trump's America

The singer used to be topping the charts, now he’s determined to save the world.

Akon revealed he’s "very seriously" considering taking on Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

"I’ve been thinking about running for 2020 very seriously," Akon told Newsweek in an interview published Friday. "I feel like I want to continue doing what I’m doing and hope that builds me enough momentum to say ‘you know what, if you run we’ll support you.’"

The St. Louis, Missouri-native used to be topping the charts with pop hits like "Smack That," but for the past decade the singer has been dedicating his life to bettering African technology and increasing tourism. Akon has brought electricity to 15 countries on the continent with his solar panel initiative, Akon Lighting Africa, and has created Akoin, his own version of crytocurrency.

With this currency, Akon is developing Akoin’s Crypto City, that he hopes to essentially be the Dubai of Africa.

Although Akon was born in Missouri, the entrepreneur considers his hometown to be the West African country of Senegal, which is where he spent most of his childhood.

With his global perspective, Akon had a lot to say about Trump’s controversial immigration policies during his chat with Newsweek.

"I feel a lot more unsafe," Akon said. "I feel unempowered. Honestly, I feel it’s gonna be a fight. I feel like I should be always prepared for the unexpected. I feel very uncomfortable. And I feel a lot of Americans do, even some white Americans feel that way because they’re watching backlash of his decisions."

"It’s not what’s happening now, because it’s clear it’s creating a whole bunch of divide today," he continued. "But I think tomorrow that impact is going to be so much more devastating."

"We had gotten to the point where people were actually integrating. After Obama you had blacks, whites, Hispanics, everybody working together," he added. "We really came a long way to get people to come together, and look at each other as humans and work towards a common cause. And now it seems like everything that was done is being undone, with gangs and race groups reemerging. It’s just horrible."

The "I Wanna Love You Singer" spoke about offering to bring back Puerto Rico’s power after Hurricane Maria. Despite being rejected, Akon said that he "absolutely" would offer this type of help to the government again.

"I’m going to continue to offer for these kinds of reliefs and emergency packages for people that are going through stuff, and just hope they allow us to get to work," he said. "It’s just a matter of cutting through the politics and doing what you think is right for the people, even if it’s for a limited time until they figure it out."

"We could have gone in literally the day after the storm and started working, but it’s just a matter of them allowing us to be able to share in those contracts," he continued. "They look at it more like money while we’re looking at it like basic common courtesy. Just give people what they need."

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