Alyson Stoner Shares First Gay On-Screen Kiss In ‘Fool’ Music Video – Watch Now!

Alyson Stoner has released the music video for her latest single “Fool“!

The new video features the 25-year-old entertainer’s first on-screen female love interest and kiss with a woman.

“Secret’s out… full gay here,” she wrote with a link to the video. Check it out below!

Alyson also opened up about losing followers after sharing photos from the video.

“when you post a pic of two girls who love each other and lose a thousand followers in less than an hour ✊?woohoo true colors ?? hope u learn to love like we do ❤️,” she tweeted.

“It’s not losing followers for my sexuality that frustrates me, it’s that we’re trained to unfollow things that are ‘other’- to live in a feedback loop that is highly personally curated-versus open our mind or remain a neutral fly on the wall for education sake, at least,” Alyson continued.

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