Amber Heard Takes Stand to Testify in Johnny Depp Defamation Trial

Amber Heard has started testifying in Johnny Depp‘s defamation case — the first opportunity she’s had to tell her side of the story during the trial … and it will be interesting to see if she can turn things around.

Johnny’s ex-wife is on the stand, with her attorneys asking her questions first. They’ll presumably guide her through a completely different narrative than the one JD’s legal team has laid out thus far with their witnesses and even their own client.

As you know … Johnny’s side has presented him as the real victim of domestic violence — as opposed to the other way around — with the actor claiming Amber would often pick fights and even resort to violence when things escalated. He’s insisted he never struck her.

Johnny’s witnesses have also backed his story … with friends and workers who were around in those days saying they, too, never saw any marks on Amber during the period she claims she was being hit. Three LAPD officers have testified to the same … which was major.

Now, it’s Amber’s turn … and she’s got a lot of ground to make up — not just for the jury, we’re sure, but in the court of public opinion … which seems to be firmly on Johnny’s side.

It’ll be interesting to see how she responds to the most damning pieces of evidence that have been introduced thus far — including the mystery of poop in Johnny’s bed, the makeup mix-up that kicked this whole thing off … and her admitting on tape to hitting her then-hubby.

Of course, people also wanna hear how she explains the fact Johnny got his finger cut off. He says it was injured when she threw a vodka bottle at him — and we know she’s denied that before … but here, we’ll probably get to hear the gory details from her POV all over again.

If Amber can come off as believable and compelling on the stand, it could have a big impact on the jury … because as we said, she has not been painted in the greatest of lights at this point.

Stay tuned ….

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