Another Unreleased Fifth Harmony Song Leaks: “All Again”

While some brief snippets of “All Again,” a reportedly unreleased Fifth Harmony track, have been popping up periodically on social media, the full song seems to have just managed to find its way on to Youtube this weekend. 5H fans and Reddit users are convinced that the song sounds like Fifth Harmony work around the time of the group’s second studio album, 727 – a period immediately prior to when Camila Cabello quit the group.

Fifth Harmony and its five group members have had numerous unreleased tracks and partial tracks leak in the past, and these leaked song fragments have been of varying quality. But, even in its unfinished form, “All Again” does seem like a song that might have been worth releasing, and is certainly competitive in terms of quality with many of the tracks that made it on to 727.

We have an audio recording of the reportedly unreleased track below.

(Image source: Fifth Harmony Instagram account)


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