Ariela Weinberg Reveals: Biniyam Keeps Ghosting Me and the Baby!

Despite Ariela and Biniyam’s affectionate posts on social media, fans have wondered how things are really going.

Between Ariela’s many complaints and Biniyam giving her so many reasons to, they had a bumpy season.

Now, Ariela has given 90 Day Fiance fans an update on their life together.

Things are far from ideal … and at one point, Biniyam disappeared for two days without explanation.

90 Day Bares All exists precisely to catch up fans on how couples are doing months and sometimes years after their seasons end.

The Discovery Plus spin-off featured Ariela Weinberg this week.

She lamented that her baby daddy Biniyam Shibre, who proposed to her on Season 2 of The Other Way, is basically never home.

It’s not just that he’s away from the house working and has to message her from afar.

It’s that Biniyam doesn’t seem to feel a need to tell her where he is or, well, contact her at all.

Ariela would love to have “communication that was a little bit more like ‘Hey baby I’m working I love you,’ or something, but Biniyam is not like that.”

So not only is Biniyam out of the house so much of the time, but he doesn’t bother replying to Ariela’s messages.

Which yes, means that she is at home with their child.

According to Ariela, Bini hangs out with the “same group of people usually again and again.”

Ariela shares that she doesn’t have an issue with Biniyam working, but that’s not what this is.

These meet-ups aren’t work related, not in a practical sense.

You ever know a 29-year-old who treats starting a music career like a full time job instead of actually having one? That’s Biniyam.

Biniyam — a grown man and a father — tries to justify spending endless hours by saying that these friends are helping kickstart his music career.

Apparently, they gather and work on choreography, composition, and video work.

According to Ariela, one of these friends has confided in her that one of their number gets so drunk at these get-togethers that no work gets done.

Biniyam objected to that characterization.

He even accused that unnamed friend of trying to “poison” Ariela’s brain.

Honestly … someone getting drunk is beside the point.

Ariela still doesn’t get along with Biniyam’s sisters, Mimi and Wish.

The two complain that Ari isn’t completely embracing Ethiopian culture.

They also gripe that the language barrier is a huge problem, and interferes with her ability to communicate with Biniyam’s family.

Mimi and Wish also complain that Ari doesn’t seem to jump for joy at large family gatherings.

At the risk of perpetuating the genuinely untrue stereotpype that “everyone” hates their in-laws … who does?

Especially when Ariela revealed that these gatherings can run from TWELVE to TWENTY-FOUR HOURS. Absolutely not.

Speaking of extremely long periods of time that are unreasonable in context, Ari had something else to share.

She told viewers that Biniyam once “didn’t come home for two days.”

Ariela, genuinely concerned, had to go look for him.

Eventually, Ari shares, she found out that he was with his sister, Wish.

Ari called Wish, who hung up on her … and turned off her phone so that Ari could not call again.

And yet we’re to believe that Ariela’s language barrier is to blame for her poor relationship with the family?

These struggles are of course no surprise.

Biniyam didn’t care about Ariela’s feelings on Season 2.

Viewers at the time saw him vanishing for extended periods of time without explanation and acting as if Ariela’s complaints were ridiculous.

Despite all of that and so many other factors, Ariela stayed with him.

So why shouldn’t he keep doing exactly what he wants to do for as long as she’ll put up with it?

If she’s not careful, she’ll be putting up with this BS for the rest of her life.

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