Ashley Graham breaks silence amid painful Oscars chat with Hugh Grant

Oscars 2023: Awkward moment Hugh Grant rolls eyes in ABC interview

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Hugh Grant caused a social media stir after the British actor appeared disinterested during his cringeworthy interview with Ashley Graham at the 95th Academy Awards on Sunday night. The model, 34, took the backlash in her stride as she seemed unbothered by the furore.

It comes after Hugh, 62, did not provide any easy answers on the red carpet to the questions put forward by Ashley, 34.

Reflecting on the awkward Oscars encounter, the model turned interviewer took the high road after being quizzed about it at LAX airport on Monday.

When asked by TMZ about their chat, Ashley replied: “My mama told me to kill people with kindness. So there you go.”

She went on to say she had a “lot of fun” at the Oscars bash but her “feet hurt” as she walked through the airport with her husband Justin Ervin.

The interview sparked a social media divide with many people branding Hugh “rude”.

Trevor Scott penned: “Wow @ashleygraham just earned her paycheck on that interview with Hugh Grant. She was gracious and persistent through his obvious desire to not be there. Why agree to an interview if you have no interest in participating??”

Billy quizzed: “Why did he agree to be interviewed?”

Ruth commented: “He was so rude to Ashley Graham on the red carpet, complete with an eye roll. Maybe he should stay home if he’s too good for his industry of choice.”

Jensy claimed: “Discussion of the Hugh Grant Vs Ashley Graham interview really captures the split between our two countries.

“Man makes bone dry, acerbic comments, with references to classical literature, in response to bland questions. Accused of being rude by US voices, and iconic by UK ones.”

Ken Regan tweeted: “Unfortunately I watched that ‘interview’ and several others done by the red carpet hosts. Ashley Graham’s & all of the hosts’ questions were asinine drivel. Hugh Grant simply wasn’t interested in talking about his tuxedo. Go figure.”

Sim Wise wrote: “That Ashley Graham/Hugh Grant interview is a lesson in what happens when you poorly prepare for your celebrity interviews. She asked benign, dumb questions and got the same in return. No sympathy, she came across just as poorly as he did.”

The Four Weddings and a Funeral star kept his answers brief before branding the Oscars as a “vanity fair” in a quip at the Academy Awards annual afterparty.

Ashley began: “Hugh Grant you are a veteran of the Oscars and you have been here a few times. What’s your favourite thing about coming here to the Oscars?”

After a delayed response, Hugh said: “Well… um… it’s fascinating. The whole of humanity are here. It’s a vanity fair.”

Not appearing to get his joke Ashley replied: “Oh yes. It’s all about Vanity Fair,” in reference to the Oscars party.

She added: “That’s where we let loose and have a bit of fun.”

During the cringeworthy chat, the model asked who the actor was looking forward to seeing scoop an Academy Award, with Hugh commenting “no one in particular”.

Ashley thanked Hugh before he walked off and the actor then rolled his eyes.

The awkward chat has since been making the rounds on social media with Piers Morgan addressing the Oscars viral moment in his latest column.

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