Ayesha Curry and Kamala Harris Stress the Importance of Voting: "Everything's at Stake"

With just a few days until Election Day, Ayesha Curry and Kamala Harris are stressing the importance of voting. On Oct. 28, the Full Plate author had a virtual discussion with Kamala on Instagram Live to discuss the future of this country and what voting in this year’s presidential election truly means. Ayesha kicked off the conversation by asking Kamala what message she has for us when it comes to making our voices heard, to which Kamala responded, “Everything’s at stake. You think about the fact that we’re in the midst of at least four crises happening all at once, that have highlighted longstanding issues, right?”

Kamala then went on to talk about how COVID-19 is affecting America right now, the hunger crisis, and how we must continue fighting for equity, fairness, and justice. “We’re voting right now for humanity,” Ayesha added. “And who would have thought we’d be voting for our basic needs, you know, in 2020?”

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