Barbara Bush Had A Secret Wedding

Considering we know everything down to just about when Donald Trump is thinking about farting up the McDonald’s he had for lunch because he Twitter blasts his life, it’s a surprise that some First Families are able to keep things a little quiet.

Barbara Bush, one of George W. Bush’s twin daughters, has always been known as the private, questionably LIBERAL HEATHEN daughter of the former president (ok, fine, she does a ton of charity work and was in a commercial to legalize gay marriage in New York back in the day). While her sister Jenna Bush hams it up on Today and keeps us up-to-date on her life with social media, Babs the younger has a private account on Instagram (the horror!). Today, Barbara, who is the CEO of Global Health Corps, let us all know through a celebrity weekly that she had a secret relationship and married the fella this weekend at the Bush compound in Maine.

People says 36-year-old Barbara married 37-year-old screenwriter Craig Coyne this weekend in Kennebunkport, Maine. Only 20 family members were invited to the “very short, sweet ceremony,” Barbara said. Dubya walked his daughter down the aisle, and guests included former President George H.W. Bush, former First Lady Laura Bush, Jenna, and their Aunt Doroth Bush Koch, who officiated the wedding. How progressive! Barbara’s namesake, former First Lady Barbara Bush died earlier this year, but she was still part of the day, and that wasn’t because guests traded catty one-liners like Barb Sr. was known to do. A bracelet George H.W. gave her on their 70th anniversary was Barbara’s “something borrowed.” The “something blue” was a pair of Jenna’s earrings. Here’s some pics from the wedding:

In case you care, Barbara and Craig were set up on a blind date in November, so they’ve known each other less than a year. Craig and Babs had their blind date and were a couple by New Year’s Eve. They have been doing the long-distance thing (him in L.A. and her in NYC) for most of their long-term relationship (giggle), but now he’s based in Manhattan with her. Craig and Babs only got engaged five weeks ago at the same spot in Maine where H.W. popped the question to Barbara Sr. in 1943.

Since Barbara and Craig sped up their journey to the altar, I’m sure many looked at her baby-growing-area while waiting to hear a shot gun. And as they did that, the ghost of Barbara Bush clutched her pearls over Barbara’s scandalous bridal side boob action!


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