Behind the Scenes of Dinah Jane’s Lyric Video for “Bottled Up:” Is She Really Dating Marc E. Bassy?

Not much BTS footage gets released for lyric videos. But some has been released out from the shooting of Dinah Jane’s lyric video for “Bottled Up,” and it’s actually pretty interesting.

One of the things that makes it interesting, besides the flashy visuals, is a rumor among some fans that Dinah Jane has started seeing Marc E. Bassy, one of her collaborators on “Bottled Up.” And the two are thought by some to have made a connection during the filming of the track’s video sequences.

This particular rumor seems to have gotten started when Dinah Jane appeared on LA’s Power 106 on Wednesday and sort of admitted that she may be now seeing a “celebrity” boyfriend. Fans are trying to pick up hints from Dinah Jane’s slippery answers during the Power 106 appearance, and some are saying that the clues add up to Marc.

However, Dinah Jane clearly is not yet comfortable sharing who her new love interest might be. So stay tuned on this one.

You can check out Dinah Jane’s BTS video, as well as the video from her Power 106 appearance below.

(Image source: Youtube)

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