Bella Hadid Forgot to Wear Pants While Out in NYC and Honestly, It's a Vibe

Earlier this week, I stumbled upon an oversized polo dress from H&M (this one, to be exact) and immediately fell in love. It’s been sitting in my cart ever since, but I couldn’t decide if I *really* needed it. But my queen Bella Hadid has sent me a message from above, proving that this look is about hit big time.

The model stepped out in NYC last week pants-free and thriving. She made a makeshift mini dress out of an oversized ” data-vars-ga-product-id=”c95242d2-f418-48d4-82a4-c3b9b8c2b653″ data-vars-ga-product-price=”0.00″ data-vars-ga-product-sem3-brand=”” data-vars-ga-product-sem3-category=”” data-vars-ga-product-sem3-id=”” data-affiliate-network=”” data-affiliate=”true”>Nike polo and kept the rest of her look just as sporty, adding tube socks and a pair of fiery Salomon sneakers.

As always, Bella gave the look her signature dash of early-2000s flavor. For accessories, she reached for tortoise shell wrap sunglasses and a pair of delicate gold heart earrings.

So, yes, I will absolutely be buying that dress now—in case anyone was wondering.

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