Below Deck: The Most Stunning Exits in Show History

Below Deck is one of the most dramatic shows on the air.

It provides a lot of drama with a group of sexy people working in sun-soaked locations as they serve the rich.

Thanks to the nature of the series, workers are fired without a second thought, which adds to the insanity of it all.

Other people just opt to quit and not look back because of the horror they endured on the yacht.

With so many different iterations of the show on the air today, there have been a lot of exits, and most of them have been completely and utterly dramatic.

Check out the most stunning exits to rock Below Deck below.

1.Hannah Ferrier

2.Hannah's Exit Resulted in Uproar

3.Caroline Bedol – Below Deck

4.Caroline's Exit Was Shocking

5.Would Caroline Return?

6.Andrew Sturby – Below Deck

7.Wait, What?

8.How Did He Finally Get Fired?

9.Rocky – Below Deck

10.The Most Dramatic Exit

11.Wait, She Returned?

12.Leon Walker – Below Deck

13.Overcooked Beef Cheeks!

14.Captain Lee Fired Leon

15.Elizabeth Frankini – Below Deck

16.Elizabeth Did WHAT?

17.Elizabeth's Firing Was Not a Shock

18.Shane Coopersmith

19.Shane's Firing Surprised Him

20.Peter Hunziker – Below Deck Meditarranean

21.Mila Kolomeitseva – Below Deck: Meditarranean

22.Mila Kolomeitseva Was a Terrible Chef

23.Captain Sandy Fired Mila Kolomeitseva

24.Rachel Hargrove – Below Deck

25.Rachel Quit in Epic Fashion

26.Rachel Came Back the Next Day!

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