Ben Affleck Back In Rehab Again, Fighting Addiction After Finalizing Divorce To Jennifer Garner

While Ben Affleck may have completed one round of rehab for his addiction to alcohol previous to having finalized his divorce from ex-wife Jennifer Garner, it now appears that the Batman v Superman star requires a second round of treatment, Canoe reports.

Having completed a 40-day cycle in rehab prior to divorcing Garner, Affleck made headlines with his high-profile battle with binge drinking. At the time, he was dating 22-year-old Playboy model Shauna Sexton — a tumultuous and short-lived relationship that drew some concern from his loved ones, most particularly Garner herself, according to People.

“Is she happy about him hanging out with a very young Playboy model? Certainly not,” an anonymous source told People at the time.

“But her concern right now is not who he is dating. What she ultimately cares about is his sobriety and whether she can rely on him to co-parent.”

In response to an increasingly visible public profile based upon both his contentious romantic relationship in addition to his battle with the bottle, Ben Affleck released a lengthy statement to his Instagram account. In the letter, Affleck makes it very clear that addiction is a lifelong struggle — one never to be taken lightly — and that he is deeply grateful for the support and love offered up to him from his family, friends, and fans.

Now, it seems that Ben Affleck will require a second round of rehabilitative treatment. While he had been previously cleared to leave the treatment facility and undergo home-based outpatient care, it now appears that Affleck believes that he “needs several more months of treatment to stay sober,” as the Mirror relays.

“He was going to move out and become an outpatient – but he’s checked back in… He will stay most nights in the clinic,” an unnamed source close to the award-winning actor said about Affleck’s current situation.

In the interim, it appears that Affleck has wound down his once red-hot relationship with Shauna Sexton, focusing all of his energy and efforts into getting clean again. It had also been reported that Affleck and his team were somewhat concerned about a potential sex tape emerging from Sexton’s camp, the Hollywood Gossip claims, given a reportedly trying breakup between the two.

In the aftermath of the breakup, a Radar Online insider claimed that Sexton “told Ben she didn’t need him, and she was going to be the next Kim Kardashian.

“He and his team took that as a threat that she has a sex tape.”

The insider would go on to elaborate that Ben had been continually warned by his closest confidantes that he could not trust Sexton, and that his foggy memories of the time they had spent together may have obscured some potentially damning information from him.

“Everyone’s worried about how much she knows… And she could know a lot, because for at least two weeks of their so-called relationship, Ben was off the rails.”

Fans of Affleck and his work are hoping that the famous actor can get his life back into order on the heels of his divorce from Garner.

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