Ben Affleck & J.Lo ate pasta & steak at their dinner in Cambridge, Mass

There were rumors that Ben Affleck brought Jennifer Lopez back to Massachusetts a few days ago, and it looks like the rumors were true. Ben and J.Lo were spotted in Cambridge, dining with three of their kids at a nice restaurant inside a hotel. I love these kinds of stories, you know me – I’m always interested in hearing what celebrities order and eat while they’re out. It looks like Bar Enza is Italian, but J.Lo ordered the steak, not the pasta. Lots of Diet Coke was consumed as well, which is probably my favorite detail.

Ben Affleck brought wife Jennifer Lopez and their blended family to his old stomping grounds for a delicious family dinner Monday night, Page Six has learned. The Massachusetts-raised movie star, the “Jenny From the Block” singer and three of their respective kids were seen dining at Bar Enza inside The Charles Hotel in Cambridge, Mass.

A source exclusively tells Page Six that Lopez’s twins with ex Marc Anthony, 14-year-olds Emme and Max, and Affleck’s daughter Seraphina, also 14, were present. The “Argo” director also shares an older daughter, Violet, 17, and younger son, Samuel, 11, with ex-wife Jennifer Garner, but they were not seen at the Italian eatery.

An eyewitness says Affleck and Lopez’s kids were “very well-behaved” and the family was noticeably “smiling a lot” throughout dinner.

A source also gave insight into what the famous diners ordered from the menu. We’re told they feasted on focaccia bread and a couple of different pastas. However, Lopez, 53, known for her fit physique, opted for the steak, the source adds. The group also requested that waiters bring “a lot” of diet cokes to the table.

A source also tells us that the “Gigli” co-stars remained “very low key” for the familial outing, but Lopez’s style was still as fabulous as ever. An eyewitness says the “Let’s Get Loud” singer was seen wearing a jean tunic and beige boots. “They were very generous,” the source concludes. “They seemed very happy” and were all very “lovely to the staff and to the other guests.”

[From Page Six]

Personally, I think Ben has made a real effort to bond with Max and Emme, and he seems especially tight with Emme. Emme and Ben were out together this weekend too, and they looked like they were enjoying themselves. I also think Seraphina seems pretty tight with Emme and Max, which is nice. As for the food (my favorite part of any story), I looked up Bar Enza’s menu, which uses a very stupid font. The menu is very heavy on cheese – like, it’s in practically every dish. Very heavy, cheesy, buttery pasta dishes – it’s no wonder Jennifer ordered the steak, and I might have done the same. And I also appreciate when the waiter or waitress keeps my Diet Coke glass filled up!

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