Billie Eilish Reveals Tattoo She Swore She'd 'Never' Show After Breakup – LOOK!

Billie Eilish is showing some skin — and revealing a piece of body art she once claimed would forever remain private!

One week after calling things off with boyfriend Jesse Rutherford, the musician took to Instagram with a sexy snapshot while wearing a cropped print shirt featuring one of the cherubs from Raphael’s Sistine Chapel painting. But it was the art below the shirt that caught fans’ attention!

In the clip on Wednesday, a small portion of a black tat — specifically a dragon’s head — could be seen poking above her jeans. The 21-year-old previously showed off the creature’s long tail while wearing a slitted gown at a 2021 Met Gala afterparty. Both these sightings come after she declared in 2020 that fans would “never” get to see her ink — which she described as a “big boy.” Wow! Wonder what changed?!

Ch-ch-check out the tat (below)!

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Very cool!

BTW, here’s the tail end…

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Seems like she’s not afraid to get a little more revealing now that she’s a single lady! Last week, it was announced the artist and her BF of a year split “amicably,” though other details weren’t provided. Seems like she’s feelin’ fun and flirty despite the heartbreak!

Billie also has “some fairies” inked on her wrist and hand as well as her last name inscribed on her chest. Maybe with the summer weather rolling in, she’ll decide to show the full dragon off soon?! What do U think of design? SOUND OFF (below)!

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