Blink-182 Connects With Steve Aoki For ‘Why Are We So Broken’

“Why Are We So Broken,” a collaboration by Steve Aoki and Blink-182 from Aoki’s just released album Neon Future III, was released late last week.

“I’ve been friends with Steve for over 15 years… doing a song with Steve and my band just came so easy”, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker told NME of their collaboration. “I think this song is a good balance between Steve Aoki and Blink 182. Enjoy it,” he added.

Aoki reciprocated with this post on Twitter: “Blink182 is one of my favorite bands in the world & they happen to be some of my close friends. There’s nothing better than making music with good friends that inspire the hell out of you. Enjoy #WhyAreWeSoBroken on #NeonFuture3.”

Meanwhile, Barker has been certified fully fit as he recovered from blood clots and nerve damage that he suffered in an accident in July.

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