Bristol Palin Denies Giving Up On Her Marriage As ‘Teen Mom’ Fans Take Sides

On Oct. 8, ‘Teen Mom OG’ star Bristol Palin defended her decision to get a divorce from husband Dakota Meyer with a powerful message about how she did her best in the marriage.

Teen Mom OG star Bristol Palin, 27, opened up on Instagram about the latest emotional episode of the show that showed her and husband Dakota Meyer, 30, making the difficult decision to divorce. After followers on social media claimed she was giving up too easily on the marriage, the mom of three defended herself in a three-part message she posted to her story on Oct. 8 and it revealed the reason she made the painful decision she did and how she tried to make it work but couldn’t. “Dakota is an incredible father, there is NO denying his love for our baby44 girls, I am extremely grateful for that,” Bristol said at the beginning of her message. “You see .002 of our lives – especially since we JUST JOINED TMOG. Like Dakota has said multiple times on IG and in interviews..Our marriage was over WAY BEFORE TMOG.”

“Dakota moved out of our home more times than I would ever like to admit,” the message continued. “He got an attorney. He filed for divorce. Wait, did you read that? He filed for divorce. And he kept coming and going based on what he thought was best. I did not ask for a divorce, but I did look at my children, and knew the marriage was NOT what was best for them. Just because the picture you see painted is ME finally putting my foot down, to end the back and forth, does NOT mean I didn’t give my marriage and Dakota, everything I had in me.”

Bristol didn’t stop there though. She finished the heartfelt message by expressing her gratitude for Dakota’s service as a U.S. marine and expressing her love for her children even more. “I respect Dakota’s service to our country, what he has done is absolutely incredible and I am thankful that my girls have HIM as their father. Truly,” she admitted. “I never ‘gave up’ on Dakota, or on our family. I know in my heart I did everything I could. My children come before ANYTHING, and I am so thankful for the challenges that have gone on, because I know they will grow up in a much happier environment because of our decision to separate.”

Bristol’s honest and raw message as well as the Teen Mom OG episode was met with mixed responses. Some followers took to Twitter to express their support for her decision while others posted some harsh tweets that even went as far as slamming her mom, Sarah Palin. “Watching MTVS Teen Mom and my heart is breaking for Bristol Palin rite now Like I’m sorry but there is NO excuse for a man to verbally abuse his wife. I am VERY thankful to Dakota for his service. But it’s weird to see how much Bristol and I have in common #BristolPalin,” one supportive follower tweeted. 

“#TeenMomOG Bristol Palin is just as cold hearted as her repulsive mother @SarahPalinUSA Her husband is suffering from PTSD and she can’t any empathy in her heart for him. They are a seriously demented family,” a very different tweet read. “Tbh Bristol Palin’s husband is borderline verbally abusive to her. Yes he has issues, and he’s seen things, but that doesn’t excuse the way he talks to her. #TeenMomOG,” another user posted.

Bristol’s brave decision and words of positivity in her Instagram message prove she feels she’s doing the best she can in the tough situation. It will be interesting to see how things proceed on the series. As a new cast member of the show, we’re sure it can be hard getting used to private matters being made public but Bristol seems like she’s handling things in a mature and respectful manner so we commend her and wish her and her family the best!

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