Bryce Hall Won’t Face Charges For Restaurant Fight Last Year

Bryce Hall will not be charged for a fight that took place almost a year ago.

The 22-year-old social star was involved in a fight with a restaurant employee in October 2020, but it’s just been revealed how the case will now be handled.

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According to TMZ, Bryce was vaping at a Mexican food restaurant near LAX when he was asked to stop. He then blew vape smoke in the employee’s face and that’s when everything went downhill. The only injuries were a bruised wrist on the employee.

TMZ reports that the case was sent to the L.A. County DA’s Office but then was sent to the city attorney for possible charges. Accordingly, prosecuters feel the best way is for Bryce to go in for a hearing with the city attorney where they will inform him of what he did wrong and how to handle a situation like that in the future.

Bryce also has to stay out of trouble for the next year or criminal charges could be filed.

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