BTS: 1 Member Is So Rich He Can Afford to Lose 33 Pairs of AirPods in Less Than a Year

To the average person, Apple Airpods can be quite expensive. They typically cost anywhere from $100 to $200, so the thought of losing one pair can be devastating.

However, it seems there is one BTS member who does not have seem to mind constantly misplacing his AirPods. In fact, this member went through over 30 pairs in less than a year.

BTS’s RM once admitted he lost over 30 of his Airpods

During a live stream in December 2019, a fan shared with BTS’s leader RM that they lost their AirPods after they had just received. In response, RM said he could sympathize.

“I think you and I can be really good friends,” RM admitted. “I lose my AirPods all the time. On my Bluetooth application, there is a list of all the AirPods I lost.”

He, then, revealed that, at the time of the live stream, he was on his 34th pair of AirPods. RM also added, “Since this is my 34th pair, I guess I bought them 33 times?”

Naturally, a lot of fans on the stream were shocked at this confession from RM. Some even suggested for him to buy wired earbuds, which might not be as easily lost as AirPods.

RM is known for constantly losing things

However, based on what fans know about RM, it seems wired earbuds might not make much of a difference. He is known for constantly losing things.

For example, RM often loses his passport. As seen on several episodes of BTS’s reality shows, he has lost his passport on the plane, in hotels, and in random places in the countries he visited. Because BTS travels a lot, this has caused problems for the group. In some instances, RM even had to return to South Korea while the other members went on with the trip.

On the Korean show Problematic Men—in which RM was a cast member—he even once revealed that he was carrying around an empty wallet because that he lost his original one.

What is RM’s net worth?

Things like AirPods, passports, and wallets can be difficult to replace for a lot of people because of how much money is involved. However, for RM, money might not be much of an issue.

BTS is one of the biggest groups in the world at the moment, which means the members have earned a lot of money throughout the years. They have sold out concerts in stadiums, landed lucrative advertisement deals, and even received shares from their hugely successful company.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, RM is worth an estimated $20 million. This number is likely to increase as BTS’s popularity does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

RM and the rest of the BTS members share an apartment in Hannam THE HILL, an exclusive community in Seoul. The apartment was bought for $6.53 million and comes with a lot of security for the world-famous band. Additionally, in early 2020, RM used his own money to buy another apartment in Hannam THE HILL for $4 million.

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