Cardi B Urges Selena Gomez To ‘Hold On’ After Her ‘Emotional Breakdown’: ‘You’re Beautiful’ — Watch

Get you a friend like Cardi! Following Selena Gomez’s hospitalization, the rapper proved to be the ultimate gal pal & shared some sweet words of encouragement. Watch the clip!

Cardi B is a real one! For the second time since Selena Gomez, 26, was hospitalized, the rapper is speaking out in support of her fellow “Taki Taki” co-star. In a new interview with E! News, Cardi shared a sweet message for her friend, as she recovers. When I met her, she was such a sweet, adorable person like she’s really like…she’s really a sweetheart. So as somebody who is so tough, from the ghetto a** me gets so bothered and triggered, I can’t get mad at somebody so sweet like her…how bothered and hurtful she get…and I just want to let her know girl, you’re beautiful,” Cardi said. “Just hold on because even sometimes, I feel like I be losing my mind,” she added.

This wasn’t Cardi’s first public show of support for Selena this week. On Oct. 11, she also took to Instagram to show Sel some love! In her post, which appeared on Instagram stories, the rapper shared a stunning pic of Selena from a live concert, looking happier than ever. “You are amazing,” Cardi captioned the throwback pic. Cardi B clearly has Sel’s back through hard times!

The loving message comes after the news that Selena was reportedly hospitalized twice in the past two weeks. It was actually back in September that the singer first checked into the hospital, due to an alarmingly low white blood cell count in connection to her 2017 kidney transplant, according to TMZ. Sel had to be re-admitted late last week when the low blood cell count reoccured, but when doctors wouldn’t let her leave, the incident reportedly spiraled into an “emotional breakdown.” Now, Selena is said to be spending time at an East Coast psychiatric facility.

While there’s no way fans could have foreseen the string of events, Sel did reveal on Sept. 23 that she would be taking a social media break for a bit. One day before that, she chatted with her fans via an Instagram Live, during which she took questions and had some eye-opening answers. “Everything is good,” she said. “I had obviously a weird couple months, but it’s fine. I feel good. I just had to make conscious decisions every day in order to get there, but it’s fine.”

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