Celebrity Media Consultant Sheeraz Hasan Stuns Hollywood With Giant Kim Kardashian Marriage Proposal Billboard!

Sheeraz Hasan has helped dozens of the world’s biggest stars become household names over the past 20 years by pulling off record setting media stunts that break the internet. His next one has already caused the most powerful people in Hollywood to turn their heads and drop their jaws on their daily commute.

In the heart of the world famous Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, CA down the street from the SoHo House is a giant 60+ ft billboard (that goes for $150,000 per month) with Sheeraz Hasan’s face, the logo of his online course about how to become famous the “FAME by Sheeraz Masterclass” and massive bold red letters that read “KIM K MARRY ME”.

The FAME by Sheeraz Masterclass are 10 online courses that are aimed at every brand and content creator who wants to become famous. Sheeraz has created and executed global campaigns for stars like Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Priyanka Chopra, Jennifer Lopez, Logan and Jake Paul, and perhaps most famously…Kim Kardashian.

While he still consults for top tier brands, influencers and celebrities Sheeraz has made his class his pride and joy over the past year. One of the 10 classes is about how to break news about your brand, and at first glance this billboard seems like a page out of Sheeraz’s book in order to promote his course. Just ask one of its hundred’s of graduates, he is constantly executing bold PR moves like this. But maybe it’s more serious than that…

Paparazzi were able to catch up with Sheeraz when the billboard went up:

“Every billionaire, every millionaire, every politician, every prince, every king…everyone wants to marry Kim. But here’s the thing, I know the fame that Kim wants, and I’m the only man that can make her happy.”

A source close to Sheeraz even confirmed that the marriage proposal is 100% legitimate:

“Sheeraz is not kidding at all with his billboard. First, he genuinely loves hanging out with her and thinks she is an amazing person that will change this world even more than she already has. Also he has long praised Kim Kardashian for her ability to break news and then translate that fame into billions of dollars in sales. Sheeraz and Kim have been working together since the very beginning. Together they’ve dominated the headlines a ton of times, like when they got 250,000 fans to show up to the Dubai Mall for an appearance. Sheeraz sees them as a power couple that would own the media. Kim as the face, Sheeraz as her top advisor.”

Would Kim say yes?

No idea, but there’s no way she hasn’t heard about it by now! This billboard is located right where almost every top tier influencer, celebrity, and executive in Hollywood dines, parties, and even passes through on their commute home. As far as maximizing the exposure and impact of a single billboard, Sheeraz Hasan has proven once again that he knows how to make news travel at lightning speed.

Currently the FAME by Sheeraz Masterclass is being offered online with plans for live events in the near future when it is safe to do so. The course teaches brands and content creators how to get press, social media verification, network with the most powerful people in the industry and of course how to break news. Graduates of the course so far have overwhelmingly enjoyed their experience and how honest and refreshing they find Sheeraz’s fiery lessons.

If you’ve seen any one of the many TV appearances Sheeraz has had you know exactly what they are talking about. For the past 15 years almost every network around the world has had Sheeraz on a prime time program talking about the state of the entertainment industry and his marketing strategies. Over the past few months Sheeraz was heavily featured in ABC 2020’s “Sellebrity” and BBC’s Celebrity: A 21st Century Story. In both programs Sheeraz talked at great lengths about his involvement in helping make Paris, Kim, and even Britney Spears famous in an era before social media. He was even in Paris’s recent viral hit documentary, This is Paris, coordinating a campaign for her skincare line in South Korea.

To stay up to date about the fall out from the billboard, Sheeraz’s media services, and learn more about the FAME by Sheeraz Masterclass visit www.famebysheeraz.com for more information.

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