‘Charmed’s Sarah Jeffery: The Reboot Will ‘Pay Tribute’ To Original Show In ‘A Lot Of Ways’

The CW’s forthcoming ‘Charmed’ reboot may be putting its own stamp on ‘The Power Of Three’, but series star Sarah Jeffery tells us the new show will ‘pay tribute’ to the original!

If you were a massive fan of the original Charmed series, then we strongly suggest you watch The CW’s reboot, which premieres on Sunday, Oct. 14, and follows the lives of three sisters who, after the tragic death of their mother, discover they are powerful witches! When series star Sarah Jeffery, 22, spoke to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, she told us the new series will remind you of the original in “so many ways”. She explained, “I think we pay tribute to the original in a lot of ways. A lot of mythology remains intact. We don’t want to mess with that so we have the ‘Book of Shadows’, the ‘Power of Three” and the ‘Source of all Evil’. There is a lot of the original in this version and then it is sort of just an updated version because there is a lot going on in the world that wasn’t going on back then. And it is kind of a great time to be addressing it.”

Sounds exciting, right? Well, we’re not the only ones excited for this new series! Sarah told us she was more than thrilled to take on the role as Maggie Vera, one of the three sisters. “I think initially I was just very excited to be a part of such an iconic show. And then Maggie, my character has so many similarities to me and I feel like that definitely helps to play a version of yourself. Of course she is different in some ways, but I fell very comfortable playing her. So that was pretty nice and now I feel even more so that me and my onscreen sisters get along so well, so I feel very lucky to have that because I know that isn’t always a common thing, so that has been really lovely,” she said.

And in case you’re wondering how intense this new series may be, Sarah told us that fans will get quite a few surprises as the show progresses. “I believe there will be plenty of cliffhangers that fans will be chomping their fingernails over,” she revealed!

The CW’s Charmed reboot kicks off on Sunday, Oct. 14, at 9pm! Make sure you tune in and come back to HollywoodLife to read our weekly recaps.

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