Choni Fans Will Be ‘Very Happy’ In Riverdale’s Final Season, Showrunner Says

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is teasing upcoming Choni moments during the final season of Riverdale.

The showrunner dished on how fans of the Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) and Toni Topaz (Vanessa Morgan) ship will be VERY happy about the couple.

Check out what he said inside…

During a new interview with Decider, Roberto was asked if there was concern about closeting Kevin (Casey Cott) and Cheryl to be in touch with the theme of the 50s.

“Yeah, I mean, oh, for sure. That’s been an ongoing discussion in the writer’s room… It goes back to the reality: were we going to pretend that in the 1950s people could be open and out and proud and gay, and were we going to pretend there was no racial tension and no racial strife, and things like that?” Roberto said. “And it felt like it was a needle to thread, and that’s kind of how we saw a lot of this stuff. That said, we did a lot of research in the 1950s, there absolutely were safe havens for queer people, there were outlets for queer people, and there were queer relationships that were quite fulfilling and quite joyful, but still had to be open secrets, or more secretive like that, and it felt like we had to find our way through that.”

“Choni fans will be very, very, very, very happy,” Roberto continued. “But those were the conversations that we had and continue to have in the writer’s room, 100%, about what do we, how do we depict the 1950s, and how do we depict our character’s struggles. And by the way, Kevin and Cheryl, even in Seasons 1-6, they absolutely struggled with their sexuality and coming out. And you know Cheryl, the Blossoms were never supportive of Cheryl being gay. Never, even in Season 1-6, you know what I mean. So that, in that way, the Blossoms haven’t changed that much, let me put it that way.”

Riverdale is currently airing on Wednesday nights on The CW. The series finale is set to air in August.

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