Chris Evans: ‘You smell amazing’ Host leaves guests shocked with bold compliment on air

Chris Evans, 53, featured rock band Elbow on his Virgin Radio breakfast show last Thursday, and it’s safe to say the host was more than excited.

Guy Garvey, Pete Turner, Craig Potter were on the show following the release of their new album Giants of All Sizes.

The band members who were missing their drummer revealed what went on behind the scenes of the album’s production and treated listeners to some musical treats by bringing their instruments with them, which sent Chris over the edge.

After introducing the band on the show, Elbow opened with a rendition of Must be Love by Madness, featuring lead singer Guy’s distinctive northern vocals.

When you came in this morning, you are a beautiful looking band!

Chris Evans

Chris found it hard to contain himself, hanging off their every word and interjecting with little chirps of support and excitement.

In fact, the host was so excited to have the rock band join him on air that he went rogue.

“When you came in this morning, you are a beautiful looking band!” Chris admitted honestly.

Seeming surprised, the band laughed and thanked the host for the compliment: “Thanks! At this hour, as well!” Guy chuckled.

“And you smell good! Don’t they smell good!?” Chris gushed, asking the studio for their thoughts: “You smell amazing.”

The band giggled as Chris struggled to pull himself together to continue the interview.

Giants of All Sizes is the band’s eighth studio album.

Recorded in Hamburg in Germany, the lead singer revealed that the songs were written in various cities across the world.

“We write separately as well as together, we fire it to each other. [The album] was written in Brixton, Salford, Germany, all over the place,” Guy admitted.

“If one [location] lent itself particularly more than the others to this album, where would that be? Chris probed, eager to find out the answer.

“Hamburg. We normally get together somewhere in the country [side] to start a record if we can,” Guy went on to explain.

“We decided to go to a city, city, music, Hamburg! But we didn’t do our homework and ended up in an industrial estate across the river from the action,” he recalled.

Despite ending up in a different location to where they wanted to be, Guy insisted it still worked out: “It was really good!”

“It was a really good, well-equipped, brilliant vintage studio. We really got into playing with each other in a room and it sounds strange but we haven’t written like that in a long time,” he said.

Chris also featured quiz master Richard Osman on Thursday’s show to talk about his new quiz book House of Games.

Listeners also heard from TV presenter Angela Scanlon who opened up about her new gratitude-filled podcast, Thanks A Million.

Chris was absent from his show yesterday morning after travelling to the Netherlands to run in the Amsterdam Marathon in aid of Dementia Revolution.

After a live auction on his radio show, the host raised over £400,000 for the charity and was joined by 50 supportive listeners that flew with him on a private plane with other VIP runners.

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Virgin Radio with Sky will be back this morning with Chris from 6:30am.

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