Chrissy Teigen Had to Go to the Doctor’s After This Interview!

Chrissy Teigen wound up in the doctor’s office after an interview!

The 32-year-old model and television personality went a little too hard during her Hot Ones interview, where she sampled some of the spiciest hot sauces in the world!

While Chrissy said she was a “hot sauce freak,” she may have tried a bit too much in one sitting, especially after eating too many salty chips the night before.

The day after the interview took place, Chrissy documented the aftermath on her Twitter.

“I did hot ones yesterday. Now I’m at my throat doctor…my tongue is literally ripped…My eyebrows have gone rogue. My tongue is too large for my mouth,” Chrissy explained.

When the interview was finally released on Thursday (October 4), Chrissy told everyone that she’d finally recovered from the spicy wings.

“It took me two weeks of CBD pills to tame the constant twitching of my eyebrows after ‘da bomb’ – but I’ve never had a better interview. I love you guys,” Chrissy wrote.

Check out the entire interview below…

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