Chrissy Teigen Says Our COVID Question About Masks Was a Trick

Chrissy Teigen thinks she was being tricked by our photog, who asked if people at her XMAS celebration would be wearing masks, but the fact is … it’s a legit question in the middle of this pandemic, and the irony is — what she said is the exact right answer.

Chrissy tweeted, “TMZ just asked me if I’d be wearing a mask at my family Christmas and I said no? and now I feel like I’ve been tricked into a story about how I won’t wear a mask this Christmas. just know I am pro mask but don’t really wear one inside with my husband and kids I guess?”

There’s no trickery … Chrissy made it clear, she’ll only have 8 folks around the table for Christmas dinner, and everyone is vaccinated except Miles, who is only 3. Now it’s true … with the Omicron variant even fully vaccinated people may be spreaders — especially if they haven’t been boosted — and she wasn’t specific about that. Nevertheless, there’s no hard-and-fast rule if everyone’s vaccinated except a small child — a lot depends on testing and how careful the others have been.

Fact is — Chrissy’s an influencer, so what she does will register with others, and she made it clear the only ones who were invited are immediate fam and everyone who can get vaccinated did.

So, it’s not a trick question … it’s an important one, and it sounds like she’s Fauci-approved.

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