Cindy Crawford Reveals the Simple Move That Gives Her Rock-Solid Abs At 53

At 53, Cindy Crawford seems to be aging in reverse, and the secret to her flawless physique is something everyone can do for free. While Crawford is best known for gracing the covers of fashion magazines and walking the runways, she was also a fitness model and appeared in several workout DVDs, including New Dimension, Shape Your Body Workout, and Next Challenge Workout. Fast forward decades later, Crawford continues to show us her favorite workouts on her Instagram.

On Wednesday morning, the former supermodel took to Instagram to post a genius compound exercise that works your entire body. In the video, Crawford uses a bench to step up and carries a sandbag overhead to engage her abs. Challenging her balance and upper-body strength, Crawford lifts her leg up to her chest as she lowers the sandbag to her chest, too. This full-body movement strengthens your legs, butt, core, and shoulders.

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From: Prevention US

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