Claudia Winkleman hopes she doesn’t ‘offend’ celebrity contestants in BBC show admission

Mary Berry stars in trailer for Best Home Cook

Claudia Winkleman, 48, and Mary Berry, 85, take to our screens once again this evening, but this time alongside some famous faces. As the new series of Celebrity Best Home Cook kicks off with a batch of new contestants hoping to have the winning formula, the Strictly Come Dancing star admitted she was surprised at their talent.

They could really cook!

Clauda Winkleman

She said in a recent interview: “The fascinating thing about the celebrities – and I hope celebrities as a whole don’t take offence – is that they could really cook.

“All of them!”

Impressed by this year’s standards, she added: “One of them made a kedgeree.

“Mary will tell you – I openly wept, it was so delicious.”

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Tonight’s debut will be as new to Claudia as it is to viewers watching at home, as the BBC star admits she hasn’t ever watched an episode of the regular version.

“I haven’t watched the show,” she cringed.

“I can’t watch myself because I’ll actually eat my own hair!”

“So I’ve got no idea what it looks like.”

Elsewhere, her co-star Mary revealed in their joint interview with Radio Times, that her idea to help with the Covid secure rules and regulations on the show was shut down by BBC bosses.

With the national treasure being in her 80s, specific measures need to be considered and quite like 2020, the logistical nightmare of filming amid a pandemic continues.

The cooking show follows a number of celebrities showing off their home cooking, but in order to keep Mary out of harms way the producers came up with an ingenious way of doing so, but still keeping her just as involved in the show.

Giving the baker her own balcony above the kitchen, she chuckled as she described her new studio dwelling equipped with opera glasses she had brought in for added aesthetics.

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“I think the actual social distancing was great fun, and it was a challenge,” she said.

“You know, when I was up on the mezzanine floor and shouting down… they liked the opera glasses.”

Mary added: “It made me feel quite grand up there. Quite regal.”

Claudia and Mary’s full interview is available to read now in Radio Times [RADIO TIMES]

But the producers did draw the line at one of Mary’s other ideas.

“I brought my dog whistle in, but they didn’t seem to fancy that,” she giggled.

Claudia and Mary’s full interview is available to read now in Radio Times.

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