'Cocaine Cat' Found In Ohio as Wild African Cat Tests Positive For Drug

The “Cocaine Bear” has company, but this one’s real — a wild big cat found, and captured in Ohio has cocaine in its system!!!

In a scene that sounds like a sequel script … officials in Ohio say they responded to reports of a “leopard” stuck in a tree, and when they got there they found an African serval cat, which is illegal to own in the state.

Cincinnati Animal Care took in the animal for DNA and narcotics testing, and it tested positive for cocaine exposure!!!

The wild big cat, now known as Amiry, is getting treatment at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens. Unlike the big screen bear now in theaters … there are no reports of the cat killing anyone.

The zoo says trainers are going to work with Amiry, and if things go well the zoo is going to keep him … though he won’t be visible to the public, at least not yet. Perhaps a rehab stint is in order?

Unclear how the cat got into cocaine, but authorities say they’ve found the animal’s owner, who is cooperating with the investigation.

When wildlife imitates art …

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