Coleen and Wayne Rooney warned of more ’troubles in the marriage’

And despite the couple appearing to turn over a new leaf last month as they moved 
to Washington DC for Wayne’s new football signing, it seems the worst isn’t over, with 
a psychic predicting more problems for him and Coleen.

Washington-based clairvoyant Mrs Jessica is said to have warned the mum-of-four – to Kai, eight, Klay, five, Kit, two, and eight-month-old Cass – of ‘trouble in the marriage’ during 
a recent reading.

‘I read Coleen and she was fantastic,’ reveals the psychic, who claims she has ‘the power 
to help all life problems’.

She continues, ‘I told her about her career and her love life. I saw it in the readings. I’m very precise in my readings. I saw troubles in the marriage.’


The prediction comes one year after footballer Wayne 
was caught three times over the limit at the wheel of party girl Laura Simpson’s car.

The striker, 32, was pulled over 
by the police 
while driving last September with Laura by his side.

It’s claimed he was giving Laura a lift home after meeting her on a night out in Cheshire.

Nevertheless, Coleen, 32, who was four months pregnant at the time, stuck by her husband.

Speaking in a lengthy statement, she said, ‘I’m not taking Wayne back as he’s 
never left.

‘A few people have been feeling sorry for me, please don’t. 
I appreciate getting cared about, however, I am a strong person, I don’t feel sorry 
for myself.

Also a few people are probably thinking [I] am stupid for staying in my marriage.’

She added, ‘I am not stupid, 
I know my own mind and 
it’s something I want to try 
and work on.’

And since then, the pair 
have been trying hard to 
rebuild their relationship.

But despite the couple’s best efforts to put their marriage back on track, their body language was notably frosty when they were pictured recently – with body-language expert Judi James telling us at the time there 
could be an ‘unhappy road’ 
ahead for the couple.

She said, ‘Not only do their facial expressions appear utterly grim when they’re not trying 
to force polite smiles, but their slumped torsos suggest an air 
of disenchantment.

‘The spatial gap between them makes you really wonder 
if they’re even enjoying one another’s company Stateside.’So if these recent events are anything to go by, it sounds and looks like the Rooneys could 
be in store for more drama.

But if there’s one couple who know how to weather a storm, it’s Coleen and Wayne!

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