Coronation Street star Maureen Lipman hits out at snobs who don’t like the show

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The actress revealed her contract on the ITV hit had been extended as she told of her love of the soap and blasted its detractors.

She said: “I don’t have a snob feeling about Corrie.

“When taxi drivers ask me what I’m doing and I tell them I’m in Coronation Street, they tend to go, ‘Aah, something will come up. I never watch it.’ And I mutter, ‘Well, I never drive a cab.’

“I won’t hear a word against it. It’s full of quite exceptional actors working with very little rehearsal, very little direction.

“Am I envious of some of my peers? Sometimes, yes. Do I have the right to be? Of course not.

“Would I like to be in Sex Education? Yes, of course. Am I sorry I’ve signed up with Corrie for another year? No, I’m not.”

The star, who has played Evelyn Plummer since 2018, also waded into the trans minefield and backed Harry Potter author JK Rowling, who has come under fire for her views on biological sex.

Speaking to Reader’s Digest, Dame Maureen, 76, said: “I am an actress, not an actor, and, if somebody tries to take the word ‘woman’ away from me, I shall be very cross. Yes, some of my views can be a little old-fashioned. But don’t attack me for them.

“Consider my point of view. Demonstrate a little kindness. Be patient.

“If you have to kick a** at someone like Joanne Rowling, who’s literally taught a generation to read, something’s not right.

“Don’t wipe out the good a person does because they’ve done or said one thing you don’t agree with.”

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