Cynthia Bailey’s Ex Peter Thomas Faces Charges After Choking Tammy Rivera’s Niece at His Restaurant

In a new report, the 62-year-old former ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star is facing charges after he grabs a woman by the throat and proceeds to choke her.

AceShowbizCynthia Bailey‘s ex-husband Peter Thomas apparently doesn’t always treat his customers like a king and queen at his restaurants. In a new report, the 62-year-old is facing charges after he allegedly grabbed a woman by the throat and proceeded to choke her.

According to The Neighborhood Talk, the woman is identified as Chanel Williams, who is also the niece of reality star Tammy Rivera. It was said that the victim was dining at Peter’s Baltimore restaurant Bar One when she noticed that Peter was in a bad mood.

She subsequently shared her observations with her friends, but Peter allegedly overheard the remarks and quickly confronted the woman. The woman claimed that the former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star came to her section and aggressively grabbed her throat before staff members intervened him.

The report further stated that the victim was “distraught and embarrassed.” She was also allegedly “taken aback by his alleged actions.”

Fans gave mixed responses after catching wind of the news. One person said, “Doesn’t surprise me at all. Something has always been off with him to me.” Another user commented, “This man is 62… when does it stop?” One other speculated that his abusive trait might be the reason why Cynthia left him, saying, “He prolly was doing that to Cynthia. That’s why she left him.”

Some others, meanwhile, trolled Peter by bringing up his best friend and “The Real Housewives of Potomac” star Mia Thornton. “Why he ain’t call Mia… she likes to tussle on his behalf,” she shared. One other joked, “Mia wanna clear this one up for your brother?”

The users were referring to Mia’s feud with her co-star Wendy Osefo after she threw a drink at Wendy. Mia was mad at Wendy after Peter told her that his business deal to open a restaurant with Wendy fell through because she ghosted him.

In an interview, Peter defended himself after instigating drama between the ladies as he claimed that he was being messy for TV. “When I talk to Wendy, you don’t think the producers go back and tell every cast member my conversation with Wendy? Of course, they did,” he said. “Alright, it wasn’t off-camera. It was on camera, it’s a show. So to make the show entertaining, and to make it worthwhile, they showed both my establishments. I have to play ball.”

“So stop acting like if y’all ain’t watching a f**king TV show. I’m making a TV show. And y’all think this is some personal s**t. It isn’t because none of us would be talking to each other,” he added.

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