Danica McKellar Excited for Black 'Wonder Years,' but Winnie Cameo Impossible

Danica McKellar‘s still breaking hearts after all these years … ’cause unless someone invents a time-traveling machine, there’s ZERO chance of seeing her in the ‘Wonder Years’ reboot.

Danica was out Thursday in Studio City grabbing a cup of Joe when she was asked about her involvement in the reboot centered around a middle-class Black family in late-1960s Montgomery, Alabama. Naturally, fans wanna know if Winnie Cooper’s making a cameo?!?

The short answer is … nope. Danica explained why that would be more like ‘Mission: Impossible” for her or Kevin to pop up in the reboot.

The new take on ‘Wonder Years’ — which originally aired from 1988 to 1993 to critical acclaim — is being executive produced by Lee Daniels, and the original star, Fred Savage, is also involved.

Danica says she hasn’t been asked to come onboard, but revealed how she found out about it. The good news, ‘Wonder Years’ fans — Kevin and Winnie are still talking.

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