Danniella Westbrook shares ‘make-up free’ video after recent surgery on nose

Danniella Westbrook went make-up free as she shared a new video while walking her pet dog Bruno.

Earlier this month, the former EastEnders star unveiled her new nose just days after she was pictured wearing bandages across her face.

As well as her collapsed jaw and cheekbones, the 48 year old star's nose crumbled after excessive cocaine use when she was younger, and she has undergone numerous surgeries and years trying to correct her nose.

And all seemed well as former soap star Danniella looked happy and healthy as she ditched the make-up in a new clip as she spoke to her social media followers.

"I've got no make-up on today. But does anyone else's dog look at them really oddly when they hug a tree? Because mine does," she said in the short clip.

It appeared that she had fully recovered from the latest operation to correct her nose.

This comes after Danniella discussed on Instagram this year that she was "ready for a full transformation physically" after sharing that she had spent the last year having Botox and fillers in an effort to restore her looks.

The actress spoke exclusively to OK! about having recently gone through multiple operations on her face as she continued on with her plan to rebuild her features.

"I'm going through a lot of operations at the moment. They're good, but they're very hard," Danniella revealed.

"The first two of my operations haven't taken a toll on me, but the next lot will do. I'm seeing a bone surgeon next who is going to be removing a rib."

In removing her rib, Danniella is hoping that surgeons can restructure part of her cheekbone, which was damaged after developing osteoporosis due to bad dental work.

Having had the procedure first in 2018, she explained on Good Morning Britain that she ended up with "bone disease" following the botched operation.

Danniella said: "The screws, which they have left in, the bone didn't close around them when I had implants, which led to blood getting into the bone, so it just died.

"That gave me the septicaemia, which gave me the bone disease and started rotting away, and it's all down to that."

Meanwhile, it was recently reported that Danniella's jailed boyfriend will be free in 'months', and she will whisk him away on a romantic getaway.

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