Dave Annable Opens Up About His Emotional Reaction to His Daughter’s Injury

Dave and Odette Annable‘s daughter Charlie Mae is recovering after an injury.

The 41-year-old Brothers and Sisters actor posted a photo of himself and his wife giving a thumbs up as their daughter smiled from the hospital bed. In the caption, Dave shared his emotional reaction to Charlie Mae‘s injury.

“I remember someone once saying to Odie and I right before we were about to have Charlie that we are about to experience at least 30% more on either side of the emotions scale when you have a child. Turns out 30% is closer to 80%,” the actor wrote.

“Experienced quite a bit of both yesterday,” Dave continued. “I know this thing can function as a ‘journal’ as well. In that case, Charlie Mae and Mommy, the strength both of you showed yesterday is unmatched. Patient and mommy are doing great.”

“Daddy on the other hand could use a scotch, some hair dye and another adult diaper,” he joked. “Remember that scene in Indiana Jones when he ‘drank from the wrong cup’ and aged in seconds? Hold my beer…”

Dave and Odette announced that they had reconciled in August 2020 after splitting in 2019. Click here to see the pic from their announcement!


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