David Beador: Tamra Judge Ruins People’s Lives and I’m Gonna Sue Her!!

Court documents show that Tamra Judge may have to turn over “secret” text messages in her legal battle with Jim Bellino.

At the same time, The Real Housewives of Orange County star become embroiled in yet another dispute about what is true and what is false.

This time, it’s David Beador who says that she isn’t telling the truth about him, or how he ended his friendship with her husband.

As you may recall, Tamra Judge went on Watch What Happens Live earlier this week.

She summarized how the bromance ended between her husband, Eddie Judge, and Shannon Beador’s ex, David.

“There was a Spartan Race and Eddie was going to Lake Tahoe for the Spartan Race,” Tamra described.

“And he’s like, ‘Hey bud! See you there!’”

“And,” Tamra’s explanation continued. “David’s not happy with the way I’ve talked about him and supported Shannon.”

So she was getting under David’s skin “and Eddie said, ‘Dude, it’s TV. Get over it.’ He’s like, ‘I don’t need friends like that!’”

Tamra’s explanation concluded: “So they broke up.”

But apparently Tamra’s opinion of how things went down didn’t match up with David Beador’s memory of it, so he reached out to Page Six.

“I was never invited to his birthday party,” David explained in response to Tamra’s comments.

He addressed her version of the story, specifically.

Of Tamra’s description of events, David says: “That was a lie…”

“I’ve spent several weekends with Eddie Spartan Racing,” David says. “And I would never do that to him.”

“Nor,” David continues. “Would I ever expect my ‘friend’ Eddie to do that to me.”

David says that he confronted his “friend” about Tamra’s comments.

“I also told Eddie via text [that] friends don’t say all the lies his wife said on the show,” David reports.

“And,” he says, he told Eddie: “If this is acceptable that’s not a ‘friendship.’”

It’s a little odd, considering that Eddie wasn’t the one speaking ill of David, and Tamra’s obligations as a reality star include, well, stirring the pot.

But David insists that Tamra, and by extension Eddie, are in the wrong — “show or no show.”

David is speaking out to defend his girlfriend, Lesley Cook.

The two moved in together in September, and he is demanding that Tamra keep her name out of her mouth.

“My girlfriend doesn’t get paid the million dollars Tamra does,” David says.

“Yet Tamra smeared and lied about her and us on multiple occasions,” he laments.

“Quite honestly,” David says. “Tamra should feel fortunate she’s not fighting a second lawsuit over her lies and slanderous comments.”

That not-so-veiled threat is a reference to how Jim Bellino is suing Tamra and Shannon for $1 million. Why? 

Because they disparaged him and his business in a recent interview when they discussed his divorce form their former co-star, Alexis Bellino.

David is attempting to draw a parallel between Tamra and Shannon’s idle gossip that Jim is allegedly a “shady motherf–ker” and what she’s said about David and Eddie.

And he’s insinuating that, if he wishes, he could tie up Tamra’s time and resources with yet another lawsuit over his statements about her.

Tamra is a woman of means, but fighting multiple lawsuits at once can be expensive and emotionally draining, even if you expect to be vindicated in the end.

We can’t claim to know whether David or Tamra is accurately describing how his friendship with Eddie came to an end.

If we had to guess, we might say that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. That is usually the case.

But it’s no surprise that Tamra is speaking up for her friend, Shannon. No one’s claiming that Tamra is a good person, but she and Shannon are close.

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David is the guy who was exposed for cheating on Shannon just a few years ago, and then, years later, used Shannon’s mild weight gain as an excuse to dump her.

In fact, he allegedly stopped loving her altogether after she put on a few pounds. That is … despicable. You marry the person, not their dress size.

Considering all of the things that one might say about David Beador, Tamra is probably holding back.

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