Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 24 – What's The Tea On Chamomile "Tea"?

Tyler Henry and The Long Island Medium don’t have to quit the psychic game just yet, because Allison and I wrongly predicted who People would pick as their Sexiest Man Alive 2018. Once we weep about that (and slobber at the mouth over Idris Elba getting the title), we talk about the latest in the Brangelina custody saga, the refined and expensive tastes of JK Rowling’s ex-assistant, and we discuss if chamomile is tea or not. Thank you for that, Benedict Cumberbatch! Other highly important topics we get into are: Chris Pine’s peen in Outlaw King, Satan suing Netflix, and Duchess Meghan taking her baby on the subway. We end by using Oprah’s annual Favorite Things list to talk about some of our favorite things. Warning: The words “prostate massager” and “pizza squeeze” are used in the same segment.

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