Drake Surprises West Hollywood Clubgoers with McDonald's Treats

Drake just knew his fans were hungry for more … of him and evidently McDonald’s.

Champagne Papi showed up to Poppy in WeHo Wednesday night and didn’t come empty-handed … serving up trays upon trays of cheeseburgers and french fries. Needless to say, the crowd was lovin’ it.

Drake had just finished his concert with Migos at The Forum but he wasn’t done quite yet. At the nightclub, he grabbed the mic and gave the crowd a bonus performance.

The place was poppin’ — packed like sardines in there — but everyone seemed to be able to get their hands on some late night grub. Basically, he saved everyone from a drive-thru run on their way home.

Drake’s L.A. shows already included bringing LeBron James onstage for his Staples Center gig … but feeding an entire club’s gonna win him even more fans.

So, the answer is yes, Drake fans — you CAN get some fries with that shake.

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